community outreach photo greene croppedWhen Northwest Hospital was planning its chapel renovation, it did not have to go far to find the ideal corporate partner for the project. “Whenever you have businesses in the same region, there is real strength in consolidating resources to bring value to each other and to the community.” says Vaughn Greene, president and founder of Vaughn C. Greene Funeral Services, P.A., of the firm’s recent $25,000 gift to Northwest. “That is what the chapel project embodies.”

The chapel renovation, from concept to completion, took less than seven months. “We were engaged in all aspects of the renovation and worked closely with designers to select amenities for the chapel.” recounts Greene. “We understand the importance of offering a place of solitude and spiritual retreat for families dealing with illnesses.”

Greene acknowledges, “It is part of our corporate responsibility to be as integrated as possible with the community we serve. It is part of our mission.” Greene looks forward to building his firm’s partnership with Northwest, including generating awareness for Northwest’s new hospice facility.